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About Us

A Safe Place To Lay is a non-profit organization geared towards providing shelter to our forgotten heroes in the Greater Atlanta area. The company was founded in 2014 by caring individuals whose sons now proudly serve in our military.  It's truly astonishing the number of homeless veterans that are being exposed to the elements nightly in every major city in the US.      The same country that promised to protect them for life in exchange for protecting this Great Nation.   

The time has come for us to unite and give our heroes A Safe Place To Lay. 

Our shelter will provide comfort, nutritious meals, and a variety of essentials that one needs.   We plan to give back to those who unselfishly gave of themselves first.

Files coming soon.

Meet Our Board!

 "A Safe Place To Lay". Non-Profit Organization's Governing and Preforming board is comprised to an EXCEPTIONAL team of professionals who have all excelled in their fiels.  It is this supreme combination of talent and experience that has allowed us to move forward successfully in the task of eradicating Homelessness.  Together ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!  We believe this is an accomplishable goal, one we will pursue until we have made a difference.  


We humbly ask you to take this journey with us.  Join us in creating "A Safe Place To Lay" for America's Homeless Veterans.  They made the ultimate sacrifice for this country, it's time we give back to those who so unselfishly gave first. 

The people behind the scenes


Mark Ivey Sr. / Director of Operations & Facility Renovation and Maintenance.

Mark is a member of an organization that is dedicated to serving those less fortunate.  His lodge has been praised for feeding thousands in the Atlanta Homeless community in addition to routinely hosting Clothes Drives for those in need by providing clothing, shoes, coats, personal hygiene items, and school supplies for the children of the homeless.  His passion to serve was the driving force behind the development of A Safe Place To Lay.  

Being the father of (2) enlisted soldiers and viewing the plight of homeless veterans daily struggle to regain their rightful place in society inspired him he set out on this mission to give our heroes a safe clean place they can call home. A place where all veterans will have direct access to all of the services they need.  Mark Ivey has worked in the Distribution & Logistics industry for over 25 years.  He has held the titles of Shipping & Receiving Manager, and Director of Purchasing.  In these capacities he was entrusted with developing routing schedules for fleet drivers, Distribution site developments, computerization of the logistics procedures and proving hands on training for new hires in the shipping and receiving departments. To excel in these areas Mark had to capitalize on his extensive research and planning skills to create methods of operations that ensured the accuracy of ordered products & materials as well as supervise the cataloging and turnaround of these materials.


Alicia LeBrane Ivey /Facility Acquisitions & Operations Coordinator, Finance Manager

Alicia Ivey is the mother of 7 children and grandmother to 3 children.  Two of her sons are enlisted in the armed forces so this cause holds a personal attachment as well.  Her dedication and passion for this cause stems from her deep desire to care for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice by electing to serve in the armed forces.   The reality of over 40% of returning veterans will face homelessness is unacceptable to Mrs. Ivey.   She believes that we are all responsible for assisting those who volunteered to protect this great country we live in.   Ms.Alicia  is an Accounting Professional with over 30 years of experience.  Her areas of experience cover Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable, Payroll, HR, Contract Negotiations and Employee Benefits Administering, Building Acquisition & Rehabilitation.   She is also an Entrepreneur, and has owned and operated Hogg Investments, and Dark Ivey Ink., since 1999 specializing in acquisitions, site renovations and property management for large Multi-family residential units.  Mrs. Ivey has the ability to see the potential in all things from old "Distressed" properties to those beaten down by life.  She's believes All Things are possible & we are to NEVER GIVE UP on people or the potential that lies within us all.


Lizz Ann Holman / Executive Administative Coordinator & Facility Operations

Lizz Holman has 25 years of managing administrative offices staffed with managers, supervisors and trained technicians, in both private and public sectors.   Her experience includes the intricate structuring of city & county procedural policies for the daily operaton and federally required deadlines.   She has two nephews currently serving and an uncle who retired after forty plus years of service in the armed forces. They and the men and women they serve with are her motivation for being a part of A Safe Place to Lay. It is a cause she is privileged to be inspired by.


Tiffany Bolden / Economic Re-Intergration Specialist

 Tiffany specializes in Human Resource recruitment / staffing and sales professionals  with over 10 years of experience developing and integrating HR solutions;  Expertise in business development, diversity recruiting, cultural adoption and integration. Her  skillset includes Emerging best practices, Enterprise resource planning and Revenue recruitment procedures; wide-ranging web based expertise, developing and leading integrated direct and temporary personnel staffing.  Tiffany will locate employment opportunities and assist the veterans with resume , effective interviewing techniques, scheduling  of interviews and various tasks needed to effectively assist our veterans  as they transition back into the workforce.  Her desire to help those who are so derserving is the driving force behind her dedication to help our veterans .  Returning all forgotten rights due to our heroes. 


Tomiko Hickman / Finance & Benefits Coordinator

Tomiko obtained a Bachelors degree in Accounting in 2012 and a Masters in Business Administration the following year.   Her vast experience has included: payroll , garnishments , and close collaborative efforts with the human resource department to handle any financial problems, or concerns for employees.  Tomiko's duties will be to oversee all financial aspects as it will relate to the veterans of A Safe Place to Lay. The organization will provide case management services to ensure the veteran has all needed financial benefits for housing (room & board) but also money management (EBT, bank accts, etc.), & other services such as transportation to and from appointments if needed.  I have a passion for helping others but most of all.   I have a passion for helping my veterans that serviced for our country. What makes it so extra special is my grandfather was a veteran and also my uncle. So I am very excited and most grateful to help those in need. Especially in honor of my grandfather and uncle who have passed on. Being a part of this organization will bring help to other who thought that there was no help and no one that who would care enough about them to help. 


This spot is reserved for you!

Interested in joining our Board?  Contact us for more information and to explore how you can join this walk with us to help our Homeless Heroes, 

Help us give back to those that so unselfishly gave 1st!